Booking With Me

Most people are aware of the concept of a “Trial” application ahead of a major event. I offer a complimentary trial/consultation to see if I’m a good fit for you. My trial system works this way:

Initial Conversation and Consultation – this is a quick talk about what you’re looking for in your makeup application. This is for me to get to know you, get some key pieces of information, and craft an idea for how to approach the trial.

Test Trial – This trial is for you to feel confident in hiring me. Based on our consult, I apply a makeup look that I think matches your event and what you were looking for. Please remember that makeup for events is very different than an everyday makeup look. Light and photography drastically dilute colours and the look of makeup on the skin. I suggest having this trial on a day that you are going dress shopping or doing a fitting, going to an engagement party, going to another wedding, etc. That way you can see the application in photos, while wearing something more formal and getting a real sense of the actual look.

Confirmation Trial – If possible, I like to do a “final” trial the week before your event to solidify the desired look. This is to account for major changes like tanned skin, changed hair colour, etc, and it lets the client feel totally solid in the look. I chart the products and colours used to refer to on your event day.

Wedding Weekends book up quickly. Please connect with me quickly to book your wedding via my CONTACT ME page. At this time, I do not book more than 1 wedding per day.

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