Booking With Me

Makeup is like any art – some people are drawn to certain styles! How do you know that I’m the artist for you? Well, start by taking a look at my portfolio, and if you like what you see, book a trial! I am based in London Ontario and regularly work in Kitchener-Waterloo (where I started my business), Guelph, Hamilton, and the Niagara Region.

Most people are aware of the concept of a “Trial” application ahead of a major event like a wedding. Trials for 2018 clients cost $40 – this cost covers travel, supplies, lashes, and effort. I believe that my portfolio shows you what I can do and will make you confident in booking with me. A trial is usually an opportunity for us to get to know each other, for me to learn your features, and for you to decide on the direction you’d like to go in for your application. My primary bridal application style is very soft and natural, which I love doing! But I find that trials help Brides realize that they need to up the glam a little bit more for their big day. Remember that you’ll have your hair and nails done, maybe a tan, and a big gorgeous formal white dress on! So what looks natural and pretty often doesn’t translate to bridal, and you want a bit more depth to the application. That’s what trials are for!

At our trial I’ll take down the key information I need for your day of. I have a contract I offer to brides to protect both you and me – we can review that contract together at this point.

This is a great time to show me some of those makeup photos you have pinned on Pinterest! Pay attention to what you’re drawn to in the images, but also remember that 90% of the bridal makeup images on Pinterest are of models in a studio photography setting. What looks great in that image may not work for you – tell me what you like about the images you’ve saved and I’ll be able to zero in on what you’re really looking for!

Please remember that makeup for events is very different than an everyday makeup look. Light and photography drastically dilute colours and the look of makeup on the skin. I suggest having this trial on a day that you are going dress shopping or doing a fitting, going to an engagement party, going to another wedding, etc. That way you can see the application in photos, while wearing something more formal and getting a real sense of the actual look. A bridal makeup application while wearing jeans and a t-shirt can look a little strange and feel like it’s way too much when in reality it’s not enough!

I’m happy to do multiple trials! Some brides like to do a “final” trial in the weeks before their event to solidify the desired look. This is to account for major changes like tanned skin, changed hair colour, a new direction for style, etc.

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Wedding Weekends book up quickly, and I don’t book weddings on every single weekend. Please connect with me quickly to book your wedding via my CONTACT ME page. I can start at any time and will stay until you dismiss me.

I do not book more than 1 wedding per day.

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I work a full-time day job from Monday to Friday. I am available evenings and weekends for makeup applications and photoshoots.