Why Hire an MUA?

In a world of Instagram and YouTube tutorials, why would you hire a makeup artist when you can learn how to do your own makeup yourself for special events? There are actually lots of reasons why. In short – if you’ve hired a professional photographer for any reason, you should hire a professional makeup artist so that your risk of disliking the end product is reduced.

For Weddings and Special Events: Professional Makeup Artists have lots of experience with wedding makeup applications and have products, skills, and knowledge that the average person doesn’t have. Did you know that there are makeup application techniques for flash photography vs natural light? We also have particular products to keep your makeup long-lasting and as tear/sweat proof as possible. We artists also know that what may look and feel like a LOT of makeup in the mirror is what is going to make you look flawless in photos. As a new MUA for weddings I learned quickly how to do soft applications that didn’t look completely “blah” in photos. Professional MUA’s have high-end products in their kits to match the needs of you and all your bridesmaids, and will make sure everyone looks consistent in photographs.

For Headshots, Modelling, and other Studio Photography: the world of high-definition cameras has changed the game for makeup artists working for editorial and commercial photographers. There are makeup products built specifically for high definition photography, and it’s true that less is more when working in high-def makeup. Where natural light dilutes makeup and colours, studio light allows for full saturation. Check out my Studio Editorial page for examples.

My Rate: My fees for applications fall in the mid-to-low range for professional artists, but will increase with each year as my experience and portfolio builds. Your application fee isn’t just to cover the cost of the labour of the application – there are so many factors that are built in my (or any other artist’s business). Our supplies (high end products are expensive), professional memberships with makeup brands, insurance, website fees, gas/mileage on our cars, tools like folding chairs and ring lights, travel time, administration time, and the background knowledge (i.e. school, classes and ongoing development) all factor into the price. My rate reflects the professionalism involved in hiring me.